Street Sweeper™ // Two Piece Landpaddle

HAMBOARDS® STREET SWEEPER™  is a superior land paddle for stand up paddle surfing on land, designed by Hamboards own "pro team" of SUP Surfers, Land Paddlers and a professional structural engineer.  With a Street Sweeper™ in your grasp, as you propel your Hamboard, the form and function connection is so tight that you will swear you are out on the water on your favorite SUP ...except all you had to do to get there was roll out of your driveway.  Ready for an enjoyable realistic symmetrical work-out?   Or do you just want to have fun in the sun, polish your SUP skills and get in shape without even trying?   Well then - grab your Hamboard® along with your Street Sweeper™ and go have more fun since that time you let all those feral pigs loose in the vice-principal's office. 

The Hamboard team developed our own flexible, light land paddle made for the way we like to ride... The Hamboards® Street Sweeper™ is a lightweight blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass equipped with an ergonomic and rugged EVP SUP-style grip and a patented flexible rubber pusher tip. It features a tapered lower pole which makes the pusher tip responsive, especially at the end of long strokes.  
  • The one piece design is our Pro model featuring super lightweight construction and an incredibly smooth and flexible stroke.  The design is all about optimizing power and feel.  This model comes in 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5 feet (152 cm, 165 cm, 183 cm and 195 cm) but can be cut to length.  
  • The adjustable model is the most convenient design spanning 5.5 ft to almost 7 ft in length (152 cm-200 cm), which can be handy for those times when you're pushing against the wind and want a powerful short stroke or turning downwind when you're ready to relax with long graceful strokes.  
  • The two piece model comes in 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5 ft (152 cm, 165 cm, 183 cm) lengths and is slightly stiffer than the one piece with the added feature that it can be easily disassembled for maximum convenience and portability.  
Choose length based on 0 to 6 inches (0-15 cm) above rider's height.

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