Street Sweeper™ // Adjustable Landpaddle


The explosive rise of standup paddle surfing can now be preformed on land without any compromise to the feel or fitness benefits.  Designed and perfected by an elite team of professional Surfers, Land Paddlers and a famed structural engineer, the experience is so realistic that even professionals swear they are out on the water.  This solution does away with the rigid and heavy wooden pole convention by using a lightweight blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass equipped with an ergonomic and rugged grip and a patented flexible rubber pusher tip. The tapered lower pole makes the pusher tip responsive, especially for long strokes. Our design is all about optimizing power and feel, so sizes comes in both fixed and adjustable models ranging from 5 to almost 7 ft in length, perfect for both powerful short strokes or long graceful strokes on strong windy conditions.


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